Quick Strip - Medium Twisted Clip

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size: 2.50 W × 22.00 H × 0.50 L
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In a hurry?  Just need to refill?  Our Quick Strips are here to help!  We're offering your favorite styles in Pre-Selected color palettes and Holiday specific colors/patterns.  All Quick Strips come in 12 pieces, and include the most popular colors for the specific need.  Available in Infant Clip, Toddler Clip, Medium Twisted Clip, The Rachel Clip and our XL French Clip.  Solid color selections include All White, Neutrals, Pinks, Purples, Pastels and Brights.  Holiday Quick Strips are available in the same styles stated.  Included are Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, Patriotic, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.  No Substitutions.  Patterns may vary.

All White - 12 Solid White of your chosen style

Neutrals - Includes 3 of Each Color:  White, Antique White, Cream and Black

Pinks - Includes 3 of Each Color:  Light Pink, Pink, Hot Pink and Shocking Pink

Purples - Includes 3 of Each Color:  Light Orchid, Delphinium, Purple and Regal Purple

Pastels - Includes 2 of Each Color:  White, Light Pink, Baby Maize, Mint, Blue and Light Orchid

Brights - Includes 2 of Each Color:  White, Red, Torrid Orange, Maize, Emerald, Electric Blue

Valentine's Day - 2 White, 2 Hot Pink, 2 Red, 6 Novelty Pattern

St. Patrick's Day - 3 White, 3 Emerald, 6 Novelty Pattern

Easter - 2 White, 2 Light Pink, 1 Baby Maize, 1 Light Orchid, 6 Novelty Pattern

Patriotic - 2 White, 2 Red, 1 Electric Blue, 1 Light Navy, 6 Novelty Pattern

Halloween - 2 White, 2 Torrid Orange, 2 Black, 6 Novelty Pattern

Thanksgiving - 2 Antique White, 2 Cream, 1 Khaki, 1 Brown, 6 Novelty Pattern

Christmas - 2 White, 2 Red, 2 Emerald, 6 Novelty Pattern